Please bear with the primitive look of some of the link pages, while we teach ourselves the basics of web-design!  As you may appreciate, the most vital element is Paul Spooner’s exhibition…

  If contacting about a visit, click or tap VISIT.  For most other enquiries, this is the place.  Afraid we do not have career-advancing jobs or opps., and it’s very unlikely we ever will, so please seek elsewhere for them.  In keeping with our general ethos, we aren’t tied to social media or our mobile phone.  Forgive us if that means a less-than-instant response via these methods.

  Phone+44 (0)23 8046 2723.

  e-mailpaul >at< thefirstgallery >dot< co >dot< uk [making necessary replacements]
or, for Margery, margery >at< thefirstgallery >dot< co >dot< uk [ditto]
Event-specific e-addresses we may publicize, or any with misspellings before the “@”, go to Paul’s inbox, and get forwarded to Margery if relevant.

  Post:  we still welcome such contact, if that’s your preferred way: 
“The First”
1 Burnham Chase 

  Mobile [TEXT best;  checked 4× a week, on avg.]:  073 8040 1951

  Facebook:  still in process of setting up a page, but one should go live during A Funny Turn.